Windows Updates

Latest challenge: 15 March 2021 - Kyocera blue screen shutdown

From time to time, Microsoft makes a mess with their very important Windows update feature where we recommend all of the latest updates from Microsoft should be installed as soon as they become available. The good news is that any update can be uninstalled at any time if it creates a problem which interrupts the operation of a given computer, and better yet, you can pause the updates for up to 14 days which a) stops the update from re-installing immediately and b) gives Microsoft time to update the update before you download it again.

Open Windows Update on your computer

  • Click the Start button at bottom-right of your display screen and type Windows Update

  • Click Windows Update Settings as per below

Select Windows Update

  • Choose View Update History

View Update History

  • Choose Uninstall Updates

Uninstall an Update

  • ** Be careful not to uninstall a critical update which may upset the integrity of your computer **

  • Select the Update you wish to uninstall

    • 15 March 2021I

      • If you are seeing the "Kyocera blue screen" with the sad face emoji

      • The updates you need to uninstall are KB5000802 and KB5000808

      • Rinse & repeat for each computer connected to the printer
        even if they have not yet exhibited the problem

  • Click Yes to confirm

  • The update will be uninstalled

  • Rinse & repeat for each update you need to uninstall

To pause Windows Updates for 14 days

  • No, you cannot pause them forever!

  • Return to the Windows Update screen and choose Advanced Options

(Noting that you could just choose the Pause Updates for 7 days if you prefer)

Pause updates for as long as possible

  • Scroll down to choose the latest date you can noting that 14 days should be enough

  • You can actually pause for up to 35 days if you wish

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