How Telephone Scams Work

We have seen hundreds of our customers affected by telephone scams, now in ever increasing numbers. Awareness that this type of criminal activity is a "thing" is the best defence.  No amount of internet security software or login/password strategies work if you are using your computer under instructions from the scammer.  This advice is designed to give you a heads-up as to how the typical phone scam works

The ACCC provides a lot of useful information on their ScamWatch page

It starts with a phone call

The scammer will pretend be calling from a company or organisation you are familiar with

The scammer will convey a sense of urgency

The scammer is ready for any objections and/or suspicions

The scammer will attempt to convince you that there is a problem with your computer

The scammer will try and convince you to allow them to login to your computer

Once logged in to your computer the scammer may attempt to show you further proof there is a problem with your computer

The scammer will now try and relieve you of a small amount of money

What the scammer really wants is for you to login to your internet banking while they have remote access to your computer

The scammers know how the internet banking system works

The scammers may ask you to go out and purchase (say) iTunes gift cards up to a certain value

And then the scammer disappears....

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