We recommend a highly effective internet security product called Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection for all computer systems.  Webroot SecureAnywhere is a managed service where we supply and activate the software, manage the renewals and provide first-level technical support for any issues related to internet security.

Webroot SecureAnywhere includes;

Real-time Shield - protection against Malware & Viruses

Web Shield - blocks malicious Websites & Webpages

Identity & Phishing Shields - protection against Credential & Data Theft

Evasion Shield - blocks advanced script-based attacks

USB Shield - threat detection for USB devices

Licence, Renewal and Management by Lincoln Computer Centre

$44.00 per year* inc GST including local management, renewals and first level support by LCC

5% Rebate for 2+ device licences

10% Rebate for 5+ device licences

20% Rebate for 10+ device licences

For more information, email computers@lcc.com.au or call (08) 8682 1666

WHAT is webroot?

Webroot SecureAnywhere is a next generation, cloud based cybersecurity program that uses a suite of advanced protection shields to keep your device(s) secure. 

Lincoln Computer Centre currently manages over 2000 endpoints (computers) across the Eyre Peninsula using Webroot SecureAnywhere.

why use Webroot?

We chose Webroot for its lightweight, non-obtrusive, affordable approach to computer security. 

This means fast scans, low performance impact, with no annoying popups, alerts and adverts you often see with other anti-virus solutions.

Who is Webroot for?

We recommend Webroot for both personal and small-to-medium business use, especially devices used for financial or personal data purposes

All users get the same award winning security, support, price, and multi-licence discounts.