An integral component of the internet domain management services provided by LCC

Yep, there is only one acronym above which is easy to understand, and it's entirely appropriate if not a little inappropriate!

The first 3 terms are related to the email settings required for an email service attached to an internet domain like lcc.com.au

As a collection, those settings improve email security and reduce spam as well as eliminating the ability for scammers to spoof our email addresses, ie pretend to be someone they are not.  This has become a significant problem in recent years with a massive increase in email compromise scams which generally result in fake invoices with bogus banking details.

SPF • Sender Policy Framework

In simple terms, SPF defines which domains & servers can send emails on your behalf

DKIM • Domain Keys Identified Mail

In simple terms, DKIM improves the authentication of inbound emails

DMARC • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance

There are no simple terms when it comes to DMARC which largely reduces spam

How to Check

All of the above records, and other settings attached to your domain, are in the public space

If your domain and/or email service is managed by Lincoln Computer Centre, we manage the above settings on your behalf.  You can still check yourself of course, but we proactivaly add these settings to every domain-based email service we host.  For more information  please contact us.