Computer Repair Scam

January 2017

Here is a copy of our email conversation with "Matilda Green" who needed some computer repairs

From: Matilda Green <> Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2017 at 05:00

Subject: INQUIRY  To: Greg Williams <>

Hello, I want to you to repair my two computers and i will like to have another new computer and do you install printers .Reply me if you are Reliable and Capable,and kindly provide a quote for the job also i like to know if you accept credit card as method of payment and you company address. Regards, Matilda.

From: Greg Williams <> Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2017 at 08:47 

Yes we can assist you with all of this and we do accept credit cards as a method of payment

From: Matilda Green <> Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 at 10:06

Thanks for your reply Greg, The problem of the computers goes as follows :  

*one of them is displaying blue screen and refusing to start up.

* the other one has been infected with virus and as been hanging frequently. 

I am hearing impaired and I am at the hospital right now will undergoing a surgery so this is the best way to communicate. The Removalist would be bringing along my 2 faulty computer and a printer  that I want  it repair and installed also coming with the keys to access to my apartment as they are helping me to move in all furniture from my former apartment to my new home. I will want you install the  printers in such way that two computers will have access to one printers and also install a good antivirus on it and repair for me 2 computers of properties HP 8100 Elite Desktop ComputerIntel® Core™ i7-860 Processor(2.8 GHz, 4 Cores,8M Cache) 4 GB RAM,250 GB Hard Disk Drive, DVD-ROM. For the new computer i will like to have HP COMPUTER with features 4GB RAM,500GB with antivirus and window 8 operating system. Let me know now what it cost you to install the printers and,service the computers . Also i will need a contact name and other necessary details of  your company so i can get it to the removalist. Once I get this information I can arrange with the removalist suitable date for both to meet on site and you can have my credit card details to charge for your service. Await your respond soon. Thanks.

From: Greg Williams <> Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 at 12:03

Yes we can do that, let me know your address and I will work the likely cost of the work you need us to do. You have my contact name and details as per my emails. We won't be able to provide a firm price on repairing your existing computers until we see them and can then give you a quote. A new HP computer in the configuration you need will be around $1500 including screen, keyboard, mouse, anti-virus and office software. So by way of estimate I suspect the on-site visit plus the diagnosis and repair of both computers including anti-virus plus the cost of the new computer will be around $3000.00 inc GST

From: Matilda Green <> Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 at 10:33

Hello Grey, Good Morning, Thanks for your response, Am okay with the price you have mention and also i have informed the removalist about the date they will be delivering the faulty computers to you for repair and other necessary things. But there is this barrier bordering me that I will want you to help me about. I am finding it difficult to pay the removalist that will be bringing my furniture to site because they don't have credit card facilities and they want payment through their bank account. Due to condition beyond my reasonable control for now it wont be convenient for me doing direct deposit into their account and I am not activated for online banking with my account that is why i want you to assist me.. I have talk more with the removalist about the job now which they have agree with me to drop off the faulty computer at your shop for you to get them repair. I have intended paying you a full payment which you required and you can add to it $3850.00 so that you can have all the sum charged on my credit card and you will have the $3850.00 transfer to the removalist agent for them to be able to move properties to my site.  After meeting with them, you can let me know if there is adjustment in price so I can balance up payment for you. I will await now your positive response about this and I hope you well understand me by putting my condition into consideration. I am sorry if however it cause you inconvenience. Await your response soon, Thanks.

From: Greg Williams <> Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 at 10:44 

Hello Matilda, Thank you for your email, I am sorry to hear about your difficulties, we will do our best to assist you. Yes we can help with the payment to your removalist, we have a very large credit limit on our credit card so it is no problem for us.  If I understand you correctly, you want us to pay the removalist $3850 and add the amount to our invoice to you?  This means will be invoicing you for $6850, is that correct? Just let me know the payee details when ready. Please also confirm the likely date for the removalist to arrive with your computers which need repair so we can make a booking in our workshop.  We can keep you updated by text message if you can let me know your mobile number. Regards Greg

From: Matilda Green <> Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 at 15:59

Hello Greg, Thanks for getting back to me and also Yes i want you to add $3850 funds amount to your invoice for me right away, Which means you will be invoicing me for $3850 and more so the removalist will be arriving with my faulty computers on the 26th of jan which they will contact when they on their way for arrival with all my belongings and properties to my new house,  I have here below with my credit card details for both payment for your fees and also for the removalist fees now. 

Card Name : Matilda Green Card Type : Master Card Card Num : 53135566101[redacted] Card Exp Date : 12/17 Card Cvv : 980

 Please kindly go ahead now and put my credit card details through for total payment now and get back to me once payment has been approved now, Also try lesser amount on my credit card and repeat until transaction completed successfully now. I would contact the removalist which i will ask for their payment details and i will get that across to you in my next reply now. Waiting to read from you now, Thanks. 

From: Greg Williams <> Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 at 09:36

Hello Matilda, Thank you for the information you have provided, we have successfully processed the transaction for the quoted amount.  We await further information from you about the timing and location for the goods and services you have paid for. Regards, Greg

From: Matilda Green <> Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 at 10:42

Hello Greg, Good Morning, How are you doing and how are things going on with you today, Thanks for getting back to me which i understand all you have said above about the processing of my credit card details i have provided to you, I am very much worried about what you have said above which i have not receive a debit alart transaction in my email and you said payment has been process at your end, Please kindly send me the payment receipt approved at your end to confirm because i have not receive a debit transaction over my email. I am really worried. Please me the successful payment receipt now. Waiting to read from you now, Thanks. 

From: Greg Williams <> Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 at 10:54

Hello Matilda, I am not sure what you mean by debit alert transaction, these transactions sometimes take a day or so to complete so I am sure you will get the notification soon.  The transaction is purely electronic at this end so there is no paperwork I can send you.  I may be able to get a confirmation from our bank if you need.  Rest assured we are completely happy with the processing of your payment for $6,850.00 thank you very much. In the meantime can you please forward the timing and location details so we can make the necessary arrangements to provide the goods and services you have paid for in a timely fashion.  We do not wish to delay you any further given the troubles you have described so whatever we can do to help is easy for us to do for you. Regards, Greg

From: Matilda Green <> Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 at 14:52

Hello Greg, How are you doing and i want you to confirm to me now at your end with the payment because i have not receive any debit transaction till now from my bank. Waiting to read from you now, Thanks.

From: Greg Williams <> Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 at 11:37

Hello Matilda, I have spoken to my bank and they are holding the transaction pending further information. I am sorry to say that they have pointed out that we (the bank and I) need to make sure this is not a scam of some kind.  I am dismayed to learn that someone would do this as a scam. Anyway, they have told me the credit card number you have provided is not an Australian credit card, they want me to get your address and contact details so they can verify the transaction. Once this is done they will release the funds. This would be why it has not shown up in your account, my apologies for not getting onto this earlier. Regards, Greg

And that was the end of the email conversation....