LCC Desktop Computers

Our standard LCC desktops are custom built for business and general purpose use including internet, email, documents, photos, music, video, on-line banking and accounting. We start mid-range, with every desktop system fitted with a solid state drive for fast performance, and a USB Wi-Fi adapter for flexible internet connectivity.

All desktop components are selected for their performance, durability, and modularity. We provide the hardware warranty rather than hand-balling you to the manufacturer and choose quality components that offer good upgrade paths and repair options for extended periods. Our expectation is that your new computer will be useful for at least 6 years and probably longer depending on your needs.

Every LCC desktop has the Microsoft Windows operating system setup from scratch where we cut the bloat and focus on a simplified, clean interface that delivers fast performance. We make over 80 changes to the standard windows operating system to increase performance, ease of use, privacy protection and security.

We also offer a full suite of services around your new LCC desktop including existing email and software setup, data transfers and on-site installation

Update 16 June 2020 - USB Wi-Fi adaptor included with every LCC desktop computer



Rear Input/Output Ports