LCC Desktop Computers

Last update: 22 August 2018

We build our own desktop computer towers which we have been doing since 1992. We do this for a number of reasons, firstly because we can (!) where we choose each component for it's performance and durability, we provide the hardware warranty rather than handballing you to the manufacturer and we choose quality generic components where you have good upgrade and repair options for an extended period. Our expectation is that your new computer will be useful for at least 6 years and probably longer depending on your needs.

Our standard LCC desktops are designed for business and general purpose use including internet, email, documents, photos, music, video, on-line banking and accounting. We start mid-range and every desktop we build is fitted with a solid state drive for greater performance. Every LCC desktop computer has the Microsoft Windows operating system setup from scratch where focus on a clean interface which delivers fast performance. Most desktop computers supplied, particularly by the bigger chains and online stores are supplied to you exactly as per the factory setup by the manufacturer. We make over 80 changes to the standard settings to deliver performance, ease of use, protect your privacy and provide a familiar interface. We also offer a full suite of services around your new LCC desktop including existing software setup, data transfer and on-site installation.

Update 20 April 2018 - 8th Generation Intel processors now available