Switch Email from Google to Microsoft

For more than a decade, we have been a Google Partner where we have recommended and supported the use of Google Workspace for our business customers.  In 2023, Google decided they no longer wanted smaller resellers like ourselves and summarily terminated our Partner agreement without explanation and then accepted no correspondence from us about that decision.  As more than a few of our customers have pointed out since, that's just how a lot of big companies roll these days, especially international corporations.

So, for our smaller Google Workspace customers with a handful of mailboxes or less, the cost to retain our access to their Admin Console for support is proportionally a tad high, so we have come up with a plan to switch over any of our Google Workspace customers to Google's main competitor in this space, Microsoft 365 Business, where we are also an authorised Partner and hope to remain so!

Here are the numbers based around retaining full Admin Console support through Lincoln Computer Centre

Calculating the Savings for a Single Mailbox GW 14/9/23

The changeover process

For more details, see below!

Retain Google Workspace GW 14/9/23

Google Workspace Starter

Google Workspace Standard

Switch to Microsoft 365 Business GW 14/9/23

Microsoft Exchange Online (Plan 1)

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Considerations GW 14/9/23

For more information GW 14/9/23

Contact us and talk to your favourite LCC support tech, which could be Greg (who clearly considers himself a tech every now and then) or Alex, Brad or Max who will all be able to give you the advice you need!