The Scam Epidemic

We don't use the term lightly, we now live in a world where scammers are rife and the unsuspecting are vulnerable, here is a snapshot of our advice when it comes to the vast array of scams which are being perpetrated across the world including Eyre Peninsula.

If there is one message you take away from this advice, that is to know this is a thing

Scammers are using emails, web pages, social media, text messages and phone calls

They are using you to defeat your own internet security

Regional people are way more trusting than are city-based people 

They use a scattergun approach

They don’t know who you are

They don’t even know if you have a computer

They have an answer for every question

They will change tack depending on what you say

Scams come in via SMS, Email, Facebook, Web pages Phone calls

Pretend someone has come to your door with the same request

Would you let them in

Would you let them access your computer

Would you let them see you login to your internet banking

State “I believe this to be a scam call” and hang up

This will tell a genuine caller that they have not got it right

Don’t give the bad guys a chance to deal with your rejection of them

If you are thinking it could be genuine

Get a second opinion from someone you trust

Call the organization on their regular contact number, web page, white pages, yellow pages

Gift cards

Catch a scammer

Do not engage