General Purpose Laptops

We stock a range of laptops which are designed for business and general purpose use including internet, email, documents, photos, music, video, on-line banking and accounting.  We start mid-range and every laptop we recommend either has a solid state drive for greater performance, or we replace the standard hard disk drive as supplied by the manufacturer with a solid state drive. 

Every laptop computer has the Microsoft Windows 11 Professional operating system setup from scratch where we remove the bloatware installed by both Microsoft and the laptop manufacturer to provide a simplified, clean interface that delivers fast performance. We make over 80 changes to the standard settings to deliver performance, ease of use, privacy and security.  

We also offer a full suite of services around your new laptop computer,
including existing email and software setup, data transfer and on-site installation


Business Laptops

Hp Probooks

LENOVO THinkpads

HP Probook 440/445

14" Compact Business Laptop

HP Probook 450/455

15.6" Fullsize Business Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad E14/L14

14" Compact Business Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad E15/L15

15.6" Fullsize Business Laptop