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Today marks the beginning of Microsoft's official rollout of their new operating system, Windows 11.

As touched on in earlier posts, the Windows 11 upgrade will be released in a "phased rollout", where devices with a high compatibility rating will be offered the upgrade first (new computers basically). From there, the upgrade will be gradually offered to more devices throughout 2022.

For more information, see our dedicated Windows 11 FAQ

As you might expect, we are across what Microsoft is doing with the new Windows 11 operating system where our first thought, based on decades of experience (!) is not to rush in to any new operating system, always best to let others discover the foibles first if possible.

Microsoft is talking about a "phased" implementation where newer "compatible" computers will receive the upgrade first, and if the rollout does start on October 5 it may not be until May 2022 before all "compatible" computers receive the upgrade option

So, our fundamental advice for any existing Windows computer user, is to sit tight and resist the upgrade early on. Or, if you are the adventurous indoors type, and you like a challenge, go for it as soon as you can!

We may be able to offer Windows 11 on new computers from October 5 but at the moment none of our suppliers have any information as to when they will be able to supply us with Windows 11. Given that the Windows 11 operating system is free to existing Windows 10 users, it's no biggie.

Stay tuned!

21 June 2021 - Lockdown Essential Services

During lockdown, Lincoln Computer Centre will continue to provide essential services and support for our customer's computer and IT systems either remotely, on-site or in our workshop with Covid protocols in place.

We will not be open for sales, however you can email (thereby placing an online order), where we can fulfill that order one way or the other, either by contact free delivery or collection. If you need to collect or drop-off equipment, we can make the same arrangements by email or phone.

For sales and technical support, email or call 8682 1666

For payments and invoices, email

30 June 2021 - Covid Safe Plan Update

SA Health has sent us our new Covid Safe Plan which is not materially different from our previous plan, but we are required to make the plan public so here you go!

We no longer need to be concerned about maximum capacity, so provided we stay under 1000 people at a time, it's all good. We do have a general obligation to maintain social distancing of at last 1.5 metres separation which effectively means our previous limits regarding the number of people on our premises really still apply so we'll leave those signs up as a guide. If we do try and jam a thousand people in, we will all have to wear masks.....

We do however need to alert you to the general obligation regarding singing on our premises. It's OK if you are a sole performer but duets, trios, barbershop quartets and choirs are out!

For more sensible hints and tips, please give us a call

COVID-Safe Plan - 30 June 2021.pdf

28 June 2021 - Windows 11 Officially Announced

Surprise! Windows 11 is on the way, officially announced during a virtual event held my Microsoft on June 24th, 2021.

Microsoft have taken a new approach with Windows 11, incorporating design features from both Apple's macOS and Google's ChromeOS- introducing a cleaner, more modern user interface with rounded corners, centered taskbar and start menu, App and Widget focus with improved touch and multi-monitor support.

But make no mistake, while Windows 11 may look different to what you've come to expect from a Windows operating system, under the hood it is still very much Windows 10.

For more Windows 11 information, visit our Windows 11 FAQ Page

7 June 2021 - New Intel 11th Gen Desktop Computer Systems

Our General Purpose and Business lineup of Desktop Computer Systems have just been upgraded to take advantage of Intel's newly released 11th generation processors.

We've also simplified our desktop lineup, now consisting of only 3 models - an entry level core-i3, a mid-tier core-i5, and high performance core-i7 with listed speed ratings for easy comparison.

Don't forget our desktops can always be customised to your needs and/or budget, including memory and storage upgrades, data migration and onsite installation. Let us know what you need!

New Intel 11th Generation Desktop Computer Systems

9 November 2020 - Webroot Evasion Shield

During 2020, we saw a significant rise in sophisticated email scams targeting both small and large business.

In response, our recommended cybersecurity product Webroot released a new component to their already comprehensive Computer and Internet protection suite- the Evasion Shield.

The Evasion Shield was introduced to improve protection against evasive script-based attacks often embedded within harmless looking word, excel and PDF email attachments. These types of attachments are generally opened without a second thought, making them an ideal place to hide malicious attacks.

All existing and future Lincoln Computer Centre Webroot customers now have Webroot Evasion Shield enabled by default at no extra cost.

For more information, visit our Webroot Security Webpage

16 June 2020 - LCC Desktop Computers include Wi-Fi adaptor

There is an increasing expectation in the marketplace that every computing device has built-in wi-fi which delivers great flexibility, both in the home and the office, as to where the devices are located. So we now include a USB Wi-Fi adaptor with every desktop computer tower we build.

18 March 2020 - Covid-19 Pandemic aka Coronavirus

This epidemic is changing fast and we have set our own protocls for how we can continue to provide goods and services to our customers for the foresseable future. We will be reviewing these protocols daily in response to information as it comes to hand and we encourage our customers to talk to us about their needs and concerns.

For more information, visit

14 January 2020 - Microsoft officially ends Windows 7 support

What does this mean for me and my Windows 7 devices?

Devices running Windows 7 beyond the January 14th cutoff will continue to function as per normal, but will no longer receive future security patches, software updates and technical support from Microsoft.

While that may sound concerning, there's little need to panic. Microsoft is well aware users are at different stages in the Windows 10 upgrade path, and will likely continue patching future vulnerabilities, similar to what they did after Windows XP support ended. LCC is recommending most users try to update their devices by the end of 2020. This should be more than enough time for users and businesses' to plan their upgrade.

If you have no immediate plans to upgrade to Windows 10 in the (short) foreseeable future, then a reputable security program can help protect your system from future system vulnerabilities, viruses and malware looking to capitalise on Window 7's changing support. See our Webroot Security page for more information.

If you need a hand with your Windows 10 upgrade, LCC have a range of services available;

  • Computer assessments to determine if your current hardware is windows 10 viable

  • Upgrade recommendations where existing hardware is either too slow or too old

  • Windows 7/8 licence recovery

  • Windows 10 upgrade/installation on new or existing hardware

  • Data backup and transfers

  • Existing software re-installation and setup

  • We can even install the Windows 7 style start menu on Windows 10 if that is your preference

Drop by, send an Email, or give us a call on 8682 1666 for a friendly chat.

4 September 2019 - New AMD Ryzen Systems

Given the high performance of AMD's new Ryzen processors, and in particular the 3000 series we have introduced the Ryzen 3 processor in place of the Intel Pentium G 5400 and the Ryzen 5 processor in place of the Intel Core i3-8100 processors.

Intel still has the runs on the board with the Core i5 and Core i7 processor range where we have now moved to the higher performance 9th generation processors. When combined with super fast SSD storage drives, you get excellent bang for your buck with our current range of desktop computer towers.

We also install the Windows 10 operating system fresh so we leave all of the clutter out, set the privacy to suit you, not Microsoft, and we configure the desktop to closely resemble the Windows 7 desktop which has been a favourite for the past decade.

Current LCC Desktop Computer Systems

29 July 2019 - Windows 7 End of Life

Microsoft recently announced they will end all support for their Windows 7 operating system from January 14th 2020.

For Windows 7 users, this means they will no longer receive security updates and bug fixes from Microsoft. We urge windows 7 users to take advantage of the current free upgrade to Windows 10 using your Windows 7 licence, or contact us to help you or your Business with the transition to Windows 10.

Official Microsoft Windows 7 Life Cycle Information

6 June 2019 - If you need a basic, low cost, web page!

Lots of businesses forgo a web presence because they don't need a full on website designed by a professional web designer. For our Google Workspace customers we can now offer a low cost solution because the Google Workspace subscription includes basic website hosting and basic design tools. You might be looking to get started somehow but don't know where to start, or you might be "between" websites, either way we may have a solution for you!

Low Cost Web Pages

22 May 2019 - Windows 10 Seventh Major Update (1903) Now Available

Today, Microsoft officially released their seventh major update (version 1903) for the Windows 10 operating system. As with past major Windows updates, the release is being rolled out in phases, with most users likely to receive the update sometime over the next couple of Months.

A word of caution to early adopters; due to the severity of issues affecting last year's 2018 April and November major updates, we're recommending users delay the 1903 update for a minimum of 2 weeks. Microsoft's bi-weekly cumulative updates following 1903 will likely contain fixes for any major bugs that are discovered during the coming weeks.

And as always, make sure you have a current backup of all important data, files and documents before performing any major updates.

22 March 2019 - "Spear Phishing" attacks on the rise

If you have not heard the term before this article is worth a read, especially if you are involved in the payment process for goods or services in any organisation

2 January 2019 - Laptop Pricing Updated

Several models now at lower price points, browse to

13 December 2018 - New Webroot SecureAnywhere Pricing

The annual subscription for Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection has increased to $44.00 per year for a single licence including management, renewals and first level support by Lincoln Computer Centre. There are now several quantity rebate levels at 2, 5 & 10 computers.

For more information visit our Webroot Security Page

6 November 2018 - 500gb SSDs now standard in LCC desktops

The price of solid state drives has reduced significantly in recent weeks to the extent that we can now include the 500 gigabyte drive in our current computer pricing. The M.2 form factor in particular is very exciting because it connects directly to the motherboard rather than via SATA cables which also delivers a nice performance boost