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22 March 2018 - Google Improves Gmail Security

From this article regarding Business Email Compromise (BEC) as a relatively new malware threat targeting larger businesses (but we have seen it in our market already) Google has announced it is further improving the security of Gmail for Google G Suite users. If you are in business and would like more information regarding your email security, please contact us for an assessment and recommendation.

And here is some good advice from International Fraud Watch

20 February 2018 - Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new Lincoln Computer Centre website where we have been off the air for a while (all my own fault!) and as we are very fond of the Google ecosystem I have decided to go back to the future and be responsible for my own website where I have been kindly offered a far more elegant and professional solution but it's just not me! I started back in the day with tables and text and photos and links using Microsoft Frontpage and here I am again with the same design using Google Sites. The design features are very basic which is what I need, I am all about providing useful information in conjunction with the goods and services we offer and this allows me to do that ad infinitum....

31 January 2018 - HP battery recall

In January 2018, HP announced a recall of some of the batteries in some of their laptop computer models. Of all the models listed, we have only sold the Pavilion X360 where we are proactively contacting our customers to ask them to run the HP Battery Check Utility to confirm whether or not their particular laptop computer is affected. We encourage anyone who is concerned about the condition of their laptop of any brand to contact us for advice.