There is no doubt that the best way to scan to email is to scan the document or image to a folder on your computer, compose the email, attach the scanned document and then send the email.  It takes a few steps but you control the process entirely.

Scan-to-Email has been a useful business tool for some time, however recent advances in terms of email security ensure that email compromise is less likely than ever before, however many existing scanning devices (and more than a few current models), typically multifunction printers, cannot accommodate the latest email security settings which makes it impossible to scan to email directly from the device.

Epson Connect gets around this issue by using Epson mail servers to send the document, so your scanned document goes to the Epson mail server which in turn sends the document to the intended recipient.  This means the document is not emailed from your usual mailbox, however you can at least modify the defaault sending email address to included your name or the name of your business.  The really clever part of this process is what happens if someone inadvertently replies to the scanned email?  The reply gets automatically printed on the sending device in much the same way as a fax mahine works, you will see the printout next time you visit the printer!

Here is how it works noting that there may be mionor variations to this procedure depending on your Epson printer model

Scan-to-Email using your Epson Multifunction Printer with Epson Connect 30/3/23