Please note that this advice is general in nature, every business has different circumstances so please contact us for specific advice related to your business activities 

Cybersecurity Issues for Small Businesses on Eyre Peninsula GW 3/8/24

Please note this is not an exhaustive list, there are numerous other scams operating in different areas however this web page is focussed on the scams we have seen in disturbing numbers across Eyre Peninsula.  There are also new scams being perpetrated on a regular basis, often framed around media topics of the day, so constant review is paramount,

Staff Training GW 3/8/24

This is the single most important component of Cyber Defence for any business, large or small.  There should be a separate induction held for every new employee covering all of the above topics.  There are formal cyber awareness programmes aimed at small business which you may find suitable, we are very happy to give feedback on any programme you feel may be of benefit.  

Workshopping the above topics with your staff is a good starting point for any business.

Scam Emails GW 3/8/24

Scam Invoices GW 3/8/24

Scam Web Pages GW 3/8/24

Scam Text Messages GW 3/8/24

Ransomware GW 3/8/24

Set Your Own Financial Risk Limit GW 3/8/24

Cyber Insurance? GW 3/8/24

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