Fraud Department Scam - SL

Last updated 21/3/22

SL took a call from her bank's "Fraud Department" who advised her that the funds in her bank were the target of scammers and that urgent action was required to protect her money.  Specifically, she was advised that "two withdrawals each of $2800 had been attempted from America"

SL was encouraged to install the remote access app AnyDesk on her phone whereby the scammer asked for her the access code (Your Address) so they could take control of her phone.  The scammer described the code as a "Report Code".

It is worth noting that neither the main AnyDesk page nor the Remote Access page has any kind of warning about scams.  Having said that, scammers routinley explain bank security features away quite easily.  So it was very easy for the scammer to descibe the remote access code as a "Report Code" which is a damning security lapse by AnyDesk

SL then logged into her banking app at which point the scammer both muted sound on the phone and blanked the screen so SL coluld not see what they were doing.  This is often explained by scammers as a "security requirement"

Four transactions were then used to steal her funds as follows

There was a further $6000 available in her account however she had 3 incoming call notifications on her phone while the scammer was on the phone, luckily one of the calls was from her partner Greg