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22 March 2019 - "Spear Phishing" attacks on the rise

If you have not heard the term before this article is worth a read, especially if you are involved in the payment process for goods or services in any organisation

2 January 2019 - Laptop Pricing Updated

Several models now at lower price points, browse to

13 December 2018 - New Webroot SecureAnywhere Pricing

The annual subscription for Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection has increased to $44.00 per year for a single licence including management, renewals and first level support by Lincoln Computer Centre. There are now several quantity rebate levels at 2, 5 & 10 computers.

For more information visit our Webroot Page.

6 November 2018 - 500gb SSDs now standard in LCC desktops

The price of solid state drives has reduced significantly in recent weeks to the extent that we can now include the 500 gigabyte drive in our current computer pricing. The M.2 form factor in particular is very exciting because it connects directly to the motherboard rather than via SATA cables which also delivers a nice performance boost