Tips & Tricks

Can't turn it on, can't turn it off

Every now and then a laptop computer appears to stop working where it is caught between switched on and fully switched off. Removing the battery works well on older models with a battery which is easily removed however modern laptops have non-removable batteries so the trick is to disconnect your laptop from the AC adaptor and then depress the power button until all of the lights go off, usually 8 to 10 seconds is plenty. Check the laptop for any sign of power, especially a slow-blinking light which signifies sleep mode or somesuch, you can repeat this process several times without harming the laptop. Once the laptop is fully switched off, pressing the power button in the usual way will generally bring it back to life. If not, email or call us on 08 8682 1666

My TouchPad has stopped working

This is another common problem on laptop computers, especially the more recent models where the default action of the function keys is now to make significant changes to various important settings on your computer. The problem occurs because of the proximity of the function key row about the numerals across the top of the keyboard. The TouchPad on/off function key varies from one brand to another so I have included some screenshots below, on Toshiba laptops it is generally the F5 key which is just above the 5/% key. Press the F5 key once and see if the TouchPad starts working. On some computers you may need to press the F5 key while holding down the Fn key.