how to install Webroot

& how to check if Webroot is installed and active on your device(s)

Installing Webroot

Webroot is installed via a secure download link which is emailed to you by an LCC staff member. If you are not expecting the email, just delete it. It is very important that you trust the person who sent you the link because it will download a file to your computer.

The email will contain installation instructions, your unique keycode, and download link for the Webroot Security software.

Your email should look something similar to this below;

Follow these 3 simple steps below to install the Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection Software on your device(s):

1) Download the Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection software via the following link:

[the link to your unique downloadable file will be inserted here]

2) When prompted, select Save.

3) Once downloaded, Run the file.

[your unique Webroot Keycode will be inserted here in case you are prompted to enter it during installation]

This will silently install the software and you will be immediately protected.

If you are unable to locate your Webroot email containing your licence code and download link, please send a request to to have your details resent. Please include your first and last name, and business name if applicable.

You will not receive a "Completed" type message, you will simply notice the Webroot icon appear at the bottom-right of your screen

Once installed, Webroot will immediately run what's called a "learning scan". The learning scan is an algorithmic scan of your entire computer, mapping all file directories, programs, data, etc, to better optimise future scheduled scans. It's recommended you allow the learning scan to finish, but you can simply restart the computer to postpone the learning scan for another time. The learning scan will initially slow your computer for a few minutes, but once completed it will ensure future scans are extremely fast and you will see no further performance impact.


From time to time, or perhaps when we send you your annual renewal invoice (!) you will want to check if Webroot is installed and protecting your device(s)

To check if Webroot is installed, look for either the Webroot taskbar icon as shown on the right, or the Webroot SecureAnywhere Folder listed under the Start Menu programs list as shown on the left.

Start Menu Programs List

Bottom Right Taskbar Icons

Left click (or double left click) either of the green W icons as shown above to open the Webroot program. This will open the Webroot home interface where you can select "Scan Now" to run a scan of your computer to ensure everything is running correctly.

Congratulations! You have now confirmed Webroot SecureAnywhere is installed and active on your computer!