How to install Webroot

Webroot is provided via a secure download link which is emailed to you by an LCC staff member
The email will contain installation instructions, your unique keycode, and download link for the Webroot Security software.

Step 1 - Download Webroot

  • Click the Webroot download link in the email sent to you by an LCC staff member (email example below)

Step 2 - install webroot

  • Browse to where you saved the Webroot installer on your computer (usually your Downloads folder)

  • Left click to install Webroot

Please Note - You will not see a popup or dialog box when you run the Webroot installer, Webroot will install silently

-- important --

When installing Webroot, your computer(s) will experience 5-30 Minutes of performance degradation

This is due to Webroot's initial, one time only "Health Assessment Scan"

Once this scan has completed, normal system performance will return and you will experience no further performance impact moving forward

STEP 2.1 - *If prompted, Enter your keycode

  • On occasion, Webroot may ask for your unique keycode before installing

  1. Enter your keycode (provided in the email)

  2. Click "Agree and Install"

step 3 - confirm webroot has installed

  • To confirm Webroot has successfully installed

      1. You will see the Webroot directory folder in your Start Menu Programs list (shown below left)

      2. You will see the Webroot logo (green circle with a W) on your taskbar (shown below right)

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere in the Start Menu Programs List

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere in the bottom-right Taskbar Menu


webroot is now installed & protecting your computer

see below for installing webroot across multiple computers

*installing on Multiple computers

Please Note: While the installer can be used to install/reinstall Webroot as needed, each unique device running Webroot using your unique licence code will incur a cost of $44 per device, per year.

Please visit the Webroot main page for more information regarding licensing costs and discounts -

  • To install on multiple computers either;

      • Access the Webroot email on each computer to download and install Webroot

      • Copy the Webroot installer onto a USB Flash Drive. Plug the USB drive into each computer and run the Webroot installer

  • Copy the Webroot Installer to a USB Flash Drive

  • Plug the USB Flash Drive into each computer and run the Webroot installer