How to disable webroot

Occasionally, you or your business may need to temporary disable Webroot for troubleshooting purposes on your computer(s)

Step 1 - shutdown webroot

  1. Right click the green Webroot taskbar icon

  2. Left click "Shut down Protection"

Step 2 - Confirm Webroot Shutdown

  • Click "YES" when prompted

Step 3 - complete the security safety check

  • Type the characters displayed into the Textbox

step 4 - confirm webroot has been disabled

  • The green taskbar icon will dissapear when Webroot has been successfully disabled

how to re-enable weboot

  • Webroot will automatically re-enable after your next computer restart

  • Webroot can be manually re-enabled by left clicking "Webroot SecureAnywere" from the Start Menu (shown below)