how to check/use Webroot

Occasionally, you may want to check Webroot is installed and running correctly on your computer(s)

step 1 - check webroot is installed

  • If installed, you will see the Webroot folder directory in your Start Menu Programs List and the Webroot icon on your Taskbar

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere in the Start Menu Programs List

  • Webroot icon in the bottom-right Taskbar Menu

Step 2 - Open Webroot

  • To open Webroot, left click either Webroot from the Programs List or Taskbar Icon (shown above)

step 3 - run a full scan

  • Left click "Scan My Computer" to run a Scan of your entire computer

step 3.1 - scan a file or folder

  • Right click any file or folder you wish to scan

  • Left click "Scan with Webroot" from the popup menu

Step 4 - scan results

  • Scan results will show important information such as total files scanned, threats detected and threats removed

  • If connected to the Internet, your results will be sent to Webroot's servers where LCC Staff Members can check the health of your devices and be notified of any serious, re-occurring threats for further investigation