Scam phone calls are the biggest challenge for consumers and businesses in the modern world because they use all manner of strategies to trick us and gain access to our computers so they can steal our hard-earned money! We routinely publish scam attempts on our Facebook Page to alert our customers and the wider community to the techniques used by scammers. Clearly many of these scams are worldwide because we often get comments from people in other countries (usually English-speaking which is interesting in itself) who have also been targeted by the same scammers who keep using the same fake names. Scammers are clever, just not that clever!

But there are also internet web page and email scams which we see on a daily basis, so we will share more of our experiences here

Anatomy of an Email Scam

An offer to pay for goods or services using a stolen credit card with a request to transfer funds via bank transfer where the scammer hopes the funds will be transferred before the stolen credit card is discovered. Naturally, the merchant ends up out of pocket to the tune of whatever amount they transfer via internet banking. Scamwatch has an excellent description on their web page

Some of LCC's own dealings with scammers