Webroot Secure Anywhere

Business End Point Protection

Webroot is installed via a secure download link which will be emailed to you by an LCC staff member. If you are not expecting the email, just delete it, it is very important that you trust the person who sent you the link because it will download a file to your computer.

Installing Webroot

You will receive an email which contains the download instructions:

Follow the 3 simple steps below to install the Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection on your endpoint:

1) Download the Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection software via the following link:

[the link to your unique downloadable file will be inserted here]

2) When prompted, select Save.

3) Run the downloaded file.

[your unique Webroot Key Code will be inserted here if you are prompted to enter it when you run the file]

This will silently install the software and you will be immediately protected.

You will be prompted to permit the downloaded file to run but otherwise Webroot SecureAnywhere will install silently within one minute

You will not receive an "Completed" type of message, you will simply notice the Webroot icon appear at the bottom-right of your screen

Webroot will scan your computer after the installation completes, this will only take a few minutes and you can keep working while the scan runs silently in the background.


From time to time, or perhaps only when we send you your annual renewal invoice (!) you will want to check Webroot is working

Simply right-click the Webroot icon as depicted above and choose Scan Now

Which will display the following Scan Summary

Congratulations! You have now confirmed Webroot SecureAnywhere is installed and active on your computer!