Switching from

Outlook to Gmail

Some of the best features of Gmail are as follows

  • Your emails and contacts are stored in the Cloud aka on the Internet (with comprehensive security), not on your device
    • So if your device is lost or stolen, or your computer fails completely, your data is not lost
  • Gmail synchronises superbly between your device
    • If you run a computer and at least one other device like a phone or tablet, everything you do is reflected on the other device
    • So when you send, receive, edit, file or delete an email, your other device(s) are updated immediately
  • Gmail has built-in spam protection
    • Google is superb at identifying spam and will do most of the heavy lifting for you
    • You can nominate any email you receive as spam and Google will take notice
    • You can check your spam folder from time to time and un-spam anything you don't regard as spam
  • Google has built-in malware protection
    • Google will identify emails, links and websites which are likely to be harmful and block access automatically
  • Gmail has a snooze button
    • So, for any email you don't need to deal with right now, or which you would like to be reminded about in the future, just hit Snooze
    • You set the date and time for the email to re-appear in your inbox
    • It might be later today, or tomorrow morning, or next week or whatever date and time you choose in the future

OK, now lets look at some of the commonly asked questions

It Looks Different

Yes it does, but the core activities are intuitive and readily available. You still have a list of folders in the sidebar at the left of screen except that Google calls them labels. Labels are better than folders because you can have two of more labels for any given email and it will appear in both "folders" which is not possible in Outlook.