Low Cost Web Page

For LCC Google Workspace customers

We have identified that there is significant demand in the marketplace for a very basic, low cost web page (or pages) for businesses which don't need a strong online presence and just want to be "found". Google Search is replacing phone books to the extent that the Internet is now just one big business directory (among other things!)

So, if you are an online business then you will already have a professional web site including an online store, if you are a bricks and mortar business with a shop front catering for your local market, you may not even have a web site at all. Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Instagram, are becoming very useful for small and micro business marketing where funds are not readily available for a full website, in fact it is common to link your social media page(s) to your web site and vice versa.

Customers now expect to be able to find every business online, if only to find contact details. What a business offers beyond that depends on their sales and marketing approach.

We are not web designers, but for our Google Workspace customers, we can create a basic web page (up to 3 pages) which delivers a positive on-line presence in a simple way. If you just need to be found so people can see where you are and/or contact you, this might be an option for your business

Your annual Google Workspace subscription includes secure web hosting as part of the package, in other words you do not have to purchase a separate ongoing web hosting service. Google Workspace includes domain-based email (ie you@yourdomain.com.au) where you already have a registered domain name and therefore the creation of a web page is both economical and straightforward. We offer two packages as follows:

  • Single Web Page for $200.00 including GST

    • You will need a new or existing Google Workspace email service managed by LCC

    • including banner with your preferred image or a generic image

    • including a one paragraph description of the goods and/or service you offer

    • including up to four additional images supplied by you

    • including contact details and links to social media pages as required

    • including Google Maps link for your location if applicable

    • including configuration of DNS settings required to publish the website

  • Three Web Pages for $500.00 including GST

    • All of the above plus

    • a separate photo gallery page using images that you supply

    • a separate contact page with more comprehensive information about how to find you and contact you

Please Note: We are not web designers, there is a big difference between what we can do in the form of a basic web page using Google Sites, and what a professional web designer can do. If you search for web design in Port Lincoln we do not appear in that list!

If you need a professional website there are some very good local web design firms to choose from including the following