Google Workspace

for business

Google Workspace is a cloud-based set of apps including Gmail for email, Drive for document storage, shared Calendars and much more. It is designed for business and all you need is your own internet domain name and you can move to the Cloud with full security.

We recommend Google Gmail for reliability, security and synchronisation between devices, together with spam and scam protection

Lincoln Computer Centre is an authorised Google Workspace reseller, we can get you started with full configuration and implementation services and we can provide you with all the training and support you need.

You will need your own internet domain name

If you already have your own domain name we can setup Google Workspace using your existing domain and email addresses, we can otherwise register and setup the domain name of your choice, subject to availability.

Choose the email addresses you need

If you already have email addresses @yourdomain we will match them up, otherwise you can choose the email addresses you need. One of the benefits of Google Workspace is that you can have multiple email addresses per mailbox at no extra change. By way of example, you can email to reach me directly, but you can also email which also comes direct to my mailbox. This is particularly handy for generic addresses like info@, admin@ or accounts@ which can add a professional touch to your email correspondence, even if all of the emails are handled by the one person!

Website considerations

If you already have a website using your internet domain, there will need to be a conversation with your web designer and or hosting provider, we can do this on your behalf. Traditional web hosting packages have always included email as well, so your web designer was generally managing everything. Today, many web designers have their own website hosting preferences and do not manage domains or emails which is where we come in. so we manage your domain and emails and liaise with your web designer regarding hosting settings.

Choose your preferred management and support model

There are three broad choices

  1. Engage Lincoln Computer Centre to manage your domain, emails and nameservers

    • This is our recommended approach where we take full responsibility for the management of your domain and emails

    • We liaise closely with your preferred web designer and manage the settings they require to publish your website

    • We also look after your renewals where we bill you for the services you need in a clear and concise way

    • This means any issues regarding your domain or emails, or indeed your web hosting, are managed by us

  2. Engage your web designer to manage your domain & nameservers as well as your web hosting

    • This is not our recommended approach, however we can still setup Google Google Workspace for you and manage your emails

    • However, any domain or email issues may be out of our direct control

    • This means we may not be able to effect a solution as promptly as you may need

    • If your web designer is able to give us your hosting credentials we may be able to deliver a similar level of support as Option 1

  3. Manage your domain & nameservers yourself

    • We can still setup Google Google Workspace for you as per Option 2

Likely costs involved

It will of course depend on how you choose to setup your management and support options, but as a guide, here is what you might expect

  • New domain registration and DNS hosting

    • $100 per year including management and support by Lincoln Computer Centre

  • Google Workspace user account

    • $135 per year per user mailbox including management and support by Lincoln Computer Centre

    • Each mailbox can have multiple email addresses @yourdomain at no extra cost

  • Initial setup and configuration of domain and Google Workspace

    • $225 all up

    • Including transfer of existing domain and nameservers as required

    • Including liaising with existing domain and/or web hosting providers

    • Including Google Workspace mailbox setup ready for use

  • Implementation

    • Depends on whether this is done on-site or remotely

    • Depends on the number of user mailboxes required

    • Depends on the size of existing email folders

    • For (say) up to 4 mailboxes the cost will be $250 to $400

Because there may a significant change to how you are billed for your domain related services, we remain available (as part of the support included above) to review/assess any invoice you get from any third party if you need. Domain related billing, particularly renewals, are often unclear and we are happy to provide the clarity you need at any time.

Implementation logistics

As you can see above, there are a number of steps involved in this process, we will discuss with you the preferred timing which will go somewhat as follows:

  • Register or transfer domain

    • Up to 48 hours depending on the existing provider

  • Google Workspace configuration

    • 24 hours from the registration or successful transfer of the domain

  • Changeover

    • Timed to minimise the impact on your business

    • Email backups will be generated prior to the changeover as required

    • We start the process the evening before

    • Implementation is then effected first thing the following day

    • The email transition involves no loss of email service

      • the Google mail servers start receiving your emails the moment your existing mail servers cease operating

    • If you have an existing website it may be off the air for a few hours overnight

    • Each user gets personal attention either on-site or remotely

      • We configure the Gmail interface to suit each user's requirements

Both the initial training and ongoing support are tailored to suit your business

To get started

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