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.au Direct Domains are launching soon, pre-register today!

We are happy to announce that the .au Domain Administration (auDA) will be launching the new .AU direct namespace to the public starting 24 March 2022

Aside from businesses and organisations, qualified, individuals will also be able to register for the new .AU direct once it launches. Please take note that existing and new auDA rules apply to determine who is eligible for .AU direct domain registration.

For existing registrants who own non-conflicted domain names associated with the current .AU namespaces (including but not limited to:,,, etc.), you will be able to pre-register the matching .AU direct name and we will register the domain for you on the launch day.

Why get a .AU direct domain?

An .AU direct extension allows you to have a shorter and more memorable online name that is easier to type and display on mobile devices. Registering your matching .AU direct domain allows you to streamline traffic to your site, retain your branding, and prevent competitors from beating you to it!

How to secure the new .AU direct?

As long as you are an owner of an active domain name that is associated with the current .AU namespaces, you will be automatically eligible for a priority status to register the equivalent .AU direct domain on its upcoming launch in March 2022.

Otherwise, renew now before the expiry date of your existing domain name to continue your eligibility status. Plus, get a chance to apply early during our pre-registration period, which will be launching soon!

Will .AU direct domain affect existing .AU namespaces?

Existing .au domains, such as,,,, will be unaffected and will continue to operate as usual. You will still be able to use, register, and renew them after the .au direct names launch.

What is Priority Status, and how to apply?

Existing holders of the current .AU namespaces will have the first in line privilege to apply for a Priority Status to register the exact match of their existing domain name. So, if you currently own, you will stand a chance to apply for priority status for

Under the Priority Allocation process, matching domain names in the Australian registry before .au direct launch will be automatically reserved during the six-month Priority Allocation period, which will commence on 24 March 2022.

What happens if there is more than one registrant eligible for the same .au direct domain name?

For example, holders of and are eligible to apply for priority status for In that case, the name will be allocated according to priority categories, which are determined by:

  • The existing domain name creation date.

  • The Priority cut-off date of 4 February 2018, as outlined in auDA’s Priority Allocation Process.

  • An independent Policy Review Panel recommended the Priority Allocation Process and Priority Status cut-off date following a public consultation.

For more information, contact Lincoln Computer Centre