Add storage to Google Drive

This advice is aimed at Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Users who need more data storage than the standard 30 gigabytes

Option 1: Tidy up your shed, store room, pantry or quilting stash

  • Unless you are a farmer in which case just build a bigger shed!

  • If there is a significant quantity of data you don't need stored in in the Cloud, this is a good solution

  • If you have archive data you don't need regular access to, you could store archive data locally on an external hard disk drive

  • We can assist to assess what data might be appropriate to remove from Google Drive

Option 2: Add additional storage per user account

  • If you wish to retain all or most of your current data this is a relatively low cost option

  • Increase your cloud storage from 30 gigabytes to 100 gigabytes of $2.49 per user account per month

  • If you need all of your users to access all shared data files you will need to upgrade each user account as follows

  • Browse to and sign in using your domain email address & password

  • From the Home screen, scroll down and choose Manage Storage under Account storage

  • Choose the $2.49 per month option to increase your storage to 100 gigabytes per user, or more if you need it.

  • If you choose the $24.99 per year option that will mean fewer transactions on your credit card!

  • Choose your payment method and process the payment

  • Rinse & repeat for each separate user account in your organisation

  • Note that this direct payment to Google is in addition to the annual subscription your pay Lincoln Computer Centre (or indeeed Google direct)

Option 3: Upgrade your Google subscription

  • Either from G Suite Basic to Workspace Business Standard

  • Or from Business Starter to Business Standard

  • This will increase your cloud storage to at least 1 terabyte per user account (2 terabytes if 5 or more user accounts)

  • However it will cost just over $100 per year per user account

  • The huge storage upgrade is the main benefit of course, but you also get the very useful Shared Drives feature

Option 4: Switch to Microsoft 365

  • For the same annual cost as Google Workspace Business Starter (or G Suite Basic) you get 1 terabyte of shared storage

  • If you are already invested in Google Drive then switching from Google to Microsoft may not be the best option

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