Hide, Unfollow & Block

How to keep your Facebook News Feed Tidy

This advice is based on what you can do on a desktop or laptop computer, if you are using the Facebook App on a phone or tablet you may not quite have the same level of control

Hide: This is probably the gentlest News Feed control feature available on Facebook, if you see a post you don't like you can simply hide that post where Facebook will learn from that and not present you with as many similar types of post. Looking at the post, you need to look for the drop-down menu symbol to the right of the post heading, it will either be a horizontal group of 3 dots (on a PC) or the caret symbol, which is also known as the circumflex key! You're wishing you did the First Year High School typing elective in 1969 now, aren't you.....

And yes, this post is in my News Feed because Facebook knows how old I am, this is an example of their targeted advertising.

OK, so now we can see the drop down menu which gives a bunch of useful choices as to what you can do with this post

Hide Ad is what we want here, the other options are fairly self-explanatory. When you choose Hide Ad, the ad will be hidden and you have a couple of other options which will appear

So you can hide all of the ads from that advertiser if you wish. You can also give some feedback to Facebook telling them how you feel about the ad.