Internet Scams

iTunes Gift Card Scam (aka Help Us Catch the Scammer scam)

Generally speaking this scam starts with a call out of the blue where the scammer will try and convince you that your computer has been hacked and they are here to help. Firstly they will try an convince you to let them login to your computer and then they will try and get you to login into your online banking while they are connected to your computer, ie they can see everything you are doing.

Then they will offer to pay you an amount of money, usually several thousand dollars, and ask you to go and buy iTunes gift cards to the same value and then tell them the unique code on each gift card.

The scam works because they will convince you that they have deposited money into your bank account to fund the iTunes gift card purchases. We are not quite sure how they do this but we suspect they screenshot your online banking screen which shows how much money you have in the account, alter it digitally at their end and then put the altered screenshot in front of you so it looks like they have paid you the money.

They will even ask you to go and physically buy the gift cards while they monitor your computer in the meantime.

Once you have handed over the unique code on each gift card, the transaction is untraceable and they redeem the full value of each card themselves. You then discover sooner rather than later that you