6 October 2018 - Microsoft pulls October update (1809) due to data loss bug

Early adopters of the October update (1809) that hit servers last week on October 2nd, have reported cases of permanent data loss, specifically within users Download, Documents, Music, and Picture folders.

Fortunately, only a very small portion of overall users who updated to 1809 have been affected. The parameters responsible for causing the data loss are still relatively unknown as cases are sparse, forcing Microsoft to pull the October update from servers while they investigate further.

Major windows updates such as these roll-out in stages, with the first phase only accessible by folks who run Windows Update manually or download the updated windows installer. If you did not manually run Windows Update between October the 2nd, and October the 6th when Microsoft finally pulled 1809 from servers, then it's extremely unlikely you received the October update.

13 September 2018 - Next Major Windows 10 Update slated for October

Redstone 5, Microsoft's 5th major windows 10 content update, is scheduled for release during the first half of October. As we've seen in the past with previous major windows updates, we expect to see our fair share of issues following the October update.

Here's a few things you can do to minimise the chance of problems occurring during your windows download and installation.

Back it up - As a precaution, we recommend windows 10 users keep an up-to-date backup of all important data, with essential files and documents backed up to a local, external source, such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive.

Plug it in - You always see the warnings of turning off a device whilst updates are in progress. The same holds true for major windows updates. Plug in your laptop's power charger and internet cables if possible to reduce the chance of interruption during the download or installation phases of updating.

Make some room - Major windows updates will often take up a sizeable amount of file space, and if the update doesn’t detect enough space on your computer it will usually fail to install. Some simple steps you can take to ensure you have enough room;

  • empty your Recycle Bin
  • move any large, non-essential files to an external drive before downloading updates
  • run the Windows Disk Cleanup utility to help you delete large files you no longer need
  • our Webroot Security subscribers can use the built-in System Optimiser tool to clean-up their windows system

19 June 2018 - Updated Printer pricing

We have updated our stock printer pricing to include consumable yields with an estimate of the cost to print each page in black or colour keeping in mind the quoted figures are based on 5% coverage on an A4 page, which is not a lot of printing. If you are doing full A4 colour pages like photos then divide the yield by 20 to get a more accurate guide. All the manufacturers use the same method so at least you have a valid comparison between brands and models. See our Laser & Inkjet printer range for more info.

18 April 2018 - BankSA Scam Alert

BankSA has recently introduced a Scam warning which is highly visible when you visit their Internet Banking logon page.

They cover two of the big issues we see on a weekly basis through our Service Department; Scam Emails & Scam Phone Calls. The scam phone call example in particular is superbly written and describes exactly how the scam works, noting that there are many variations on the theme.

12 April 2018 - Gmail Browser Interface Refresh

Google has announced a major refresh of it's Gmail browser interface, where the best change will be the ability to "snooze" an email for a period of time you choose, so that it will pop back into your inbox on that day.

22 March 2018 - Google Improves Gmail Security

From this article regarding Business Email Compromise (BEC) as a relatively new malware threat targeting larger businesses (but we have seen it in our market already) Google has announced it is further improving the security of Gmail for Google G Suite users. If you are in business and would like more information regarding your email security, please contact us for an assessment and recommendation.

And here is some good advice from International Fraud Watch

20 February 2018 - Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new Lincoln Computer Centre website where we have been off the air for a while (all my own fault!) and as we are very fond of the Google ecosystem I have decided to go back to the future and be responsible for my own website where I have been kindly offered a far more elegant and professional solution but it's just not me! I started back in the day with tables and text and photos and links using Microsoft Frontpage and here I am again with the same design using Google Sites. The design features are very basic which is what I need, I am all about providing useful information in conjunction with the goods and services we offer and this allows me to do that ad infinitum....