LCC Gaming Rigs

built by Shaun Georgiou

Because we build our own desktop computer systems, it is very easy for us to build gaming rigs as well where we can configure a system to suit your precise requirements. Because we provide the system and components warranty, it is very important all of the components come from our regular suppliers, however we do have some flexibility with regard to the case styling and we are quite happy for gamers to supply their preferred case. We will generally quote on our standard gaming rig and then modify the quote component by component as required.

Here is a very typical configuration for the Gaming Rigs we build

as at 2 March 2018

Corsair 200R mid-tower case with half window We choose this model for it's clean lines, we generally don't fit a DVD writer unless specifically requested, the near side panel has a half window which displays the motherboard, graphics card & RAM and hides the solid state, hard disk and DVD drives. We include two top case fans together with the rear case fan so there is plenty of cooling. We attach the serial number, Windows licence and LCC stickers at the rear of the case, again to retain the clean lines.

Corsair RM650X fully modular ATX power supply We match the brand of the power supply to the brand of the case and we supply fully modular power supplies in the main so that there are no unnecessary cables on display within the case.

MSI Z370 Gaming Plus ATX Motherboard This is where the components can vary somewhat, we recommend the MSI brand of motherboard however we can also supply Gigabyte & Asus models depending on availability. This motherboard is for 8th Generation Intel Socket 1151 processors, however we can also supply motherboards to suit the AMD Ryzen processors which are also popular. This motherboard has a red and black colour scheme which we match with a red and black graphics card, we can also supply a similar spec motherboard in a black and white theme where we also match the graphics card.

Intel Core i5-8400 6-core CPU (Processor) up to 4.0 GHz This is an excellent 8th generation, mid range processor for gaming, now with 6 processing cores. You can choose any 8th generation Intel processor for this board.

16 gigabytes Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM 2666MHz RGB RAM has built-in LEDs which can be programmed to display in a variety of colours and flashing sequences. We generally match the motherboard & graphics card colour scheme and choose the "breathe" LED option where the LEDs pulse slowly. We install the software to allow the colours and flashing sequence to be adjusted as preferred.

MSI nVidia GTX-1060 Gaming X Dedicated Graphics Card 3gb RAM Video graphics cards are big challenge at the moment because stocks of all brands have pretty much dried up around the world thanks to the demand for Bitcoin mining where dedicated graphics cards are highly desirable. Again we choose MSI to match the motherboard in terms of compatibility and colour scheme. This particular video card may not be readily available at a given point in time in which case we will quote you on a similar brand/model from what is available on the day. This component is where most of the gaming discussion occurs, you tell us what chipset you prefer and we will find you a graphics card!

250-gigabyte Western Digital Blue M.2 Solid State Drive C: We recommend a solid state drive as your primary drive where the Windows operating system and your programs reside, as this delivers superb performance. However the capacity is relatively low, so you can choose a higher capacity solid state drive or simply add a separate internal standard hard disk drive for your data

1-terabyte Western Digital Black SATA 7200 Hard Disk Drive D: The second drive gives you plenty of space for your data files and you can vary the capacity up to 12 terabytes (!) if you wish.

Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System 64-bit Well, you do need an operating system for your computer!

Operating System Setup Once assembled we then install the Microsoft Windows operating system setup with all of the latest updates, we install the latest driver software for all of the components and update firmware as required. During this process we cycle the power and check the operation of the computer including system temperature and noise levels to make sure they meet our expectations. We also configure Microsoft Windows with regard to a host of settings which improve the user experience and we adjust the privacy settings to suit you rather than Microsoft....

Warranty Lincoln Computer Centre provides a 12-month RTB (Return-to-Base) hardware warranty where we encourage you to contact us in the first instance with regard to any operational issue with your new computer. We stock a full range of hardware components so we can get you back up and running quickly in the event of a component failure. Individual components often have longer warranties so we can still get them replaced for you between two and five years depending on the component. You also have rights under Australian Consumer Law where both the retailer and the manufacturer are jointly (and separately) responsible, in fact we encourage everyone to make it their business to have a look at all of the aspects of the consumer law including the section covering Sales Practices.

Pricing The pricing will vary depending on the final configuration, but for the exact configuration listed on this page, the price is $2,200.00 including GST, delivery time is approximately 5 working days depending on component availability

Configuration Changes Email if you have any questions of comments, or you would like a quote on a different configuration.